Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Oh Happy Day

Yes. It has truly been an age since my last post. But now that the rain is steadily pouring down outside and the fire crackling happily beside me, this afternoon is asking for a ramble. 

My dear mother, and most other people I know for that matter, are summer lovers. They're all palm trees, humidity, salads and white wine. Which is great for a while, sure, but then there's Winter. How can you not love it? I am undeniably a Winter person. I love the cold. I love depressing grey clouds for days on end. I love the thought of hiding out in a snow-coated cabin in the mountains. Chilly weather goes hand in hand with all my favourite things, like

  • waking up to the sound of rain on your window
  • snuggling with Pants for at least and extra 20mins before being dragged out an impossibly cozy bed
  • consuming vast quantities of delicious, steaming beverages throughout the day, washed down each time with an assortment of rusks and cookies
  • roadtrips to catch the snow in Hogsback
  • boardgames and port by the fire
  • books and soup
  • blankets and series
  • toasted coconut marshmallows
  • thats probably enough,I'm sure you get the idea..

But lately, it also seems to be wedding season..
It appears I've reached that age where all my friends start to get married.. which is super awesome, except for the fact that I'm 22 guys. Ta-wenty two. Which just makes it awkward? I'm sure this phase should only start happening what, a good 6-7 years from now? Anyhow. With all of these impending celebrations, I decided to make a little congratulatory print that I could give to my friends (apparently when you are an artist, everyone expects hand-drawn cards..). The idea here is that you write your message on any coloured A5 paper and pop a little bulldog clip on top to attach it to the print.  That way the recipient can easily detach your message and frame the print as a keepsake without having to worry about scribbly writing showing through the paper..
I also have another version which says 'congratu-flipping-lations' in the bubbles, or the text can be left out completely so that you can write your own personalized 3-word message.

I really had fun doing this nonsensical little drawing and I'd like to create a few more cards for other occasions.