Saturday, 8 March 2014

Because Stickers!

Any kid that grew up in the 90's  knows the joys of these tacky delights. I used to spend hours pouring over my sticker book collections full of wonderously puffy, fluffy, scented, glittery goodness, and occassionally allowed myself to part with a few in order to swap them for coveted glow in the dark Lion King numbers owned by other little sticker collector friends.
In a moment of poor judgement or nostalgia ( I prefer to put it down to the latter), I designed a couple of fun little sticker sheets for Design Indaba with peach (above), mint and grey accents and they sold out, yay! So relieved there is still a healthy appetite for these items! Each little image tears off individually from the A5 sheet, so you can make your own little compositions with them. Or just sticker-ify arbitrary household objects like in the days of our youth....queue reminiscent sigh...

Cards and such..