Thursday, 22 March 2012

Rabbit Hole


                                          R250.00                                                                  22,8x 29,1 cm

Studying in Port Elizabeth full-time obviously means a lot of time away from my home in Jeffreys Bay, and my two most lovely dogs (you'll be hearing much more about them later on).
The lack of animals in my new housie prompted many lengthy discussions with my flatmate regarding apartment friendly pets ie. teeny tiny ones.
These fanciful discussions, coupled with over-exposure to the Miniature Forest episode on Planet Earth (David Attenbourough,pa-leeaase will you be my grandpa?) resulted in my obsession with mini animals. Mini bear, in my hand? I'll love you foreverandever.

But because all the clever peoples are far too preoccupied with developing nuclear weaponry, splitting atoms and writing Big Bang Theory scripts, it is quite evident that they have no intention of developing a range of mini creatures to fill my apartment. I created this series of drawings to convince myself otherwise.

And then we bought a black goldfish named Nelson and a plastic toy dinosaur, 'Ain't Easy Being Fabulous', to fill the mini creature-shaped hole in our lives.

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