Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Cupcake Richard Rebrand

 I can't stress enough how very important the glorious little life-sustaining nugget known as creative freedom really is to an artist, especially when trying to create something unique. In the seemingly creative industry of commercial design and illustration it is not quite as commonplace as you might think. That is why I always enjoy working with Wida, the lovely baker and food stylist behind Cupcake Richard. Not only is she the sweetest creature, but a great supporter of local artists and their unique styles and capabilities. I was super stoked when she entrusted me with her company's rebranding because I knew this project was going to be a goody. Also. I love drawing plants and animals and as you can tell from our last project together, she is very good at indulging these wishes..

The name of her vegan baking company, 'Cupcake Richard' is a reference to the tiger Richard Parker from The Life of Pi, as she is a lover of anything of the feline persuasion. So the logo had to include a tiger, of course! The greenery alludes to the wholesome | vegan aspect. Plus Richard was crying for a little jungle to be king of when I was painting him and really, who am I to say no. You may know by now that I have a tendency to lean toward less literal interpretations when it comes to titles and logos, because who doesn't love a bit of mystery instead of captain obvious being up in yo face. So working around this title was right up my alley. 

During a meeting of coffee and croissants (the best kind of meetings) I was shown a beautiful array of inspiration images that looked like they could be straight off my own Pintrest board. Aside from a few general stipulations as to what the logo should include, I was allowed pretty much free reign and it made the conceptual and design process both fun and really creatively stimulating. Once the design was approved, I couldn't wait to start painting it up and I love the end result. 

*if you have even the slightest sweet tooth, I recommend checking out her instagram. Its full of beautifully photographed treats and recipes..and you will also be graced with images of Party Bear, her magnificent cat.


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